Aeiusny Offers the Best Solar-Powered Generators for You

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Portable generators are commonly fueled by gasoline or rechargeable batteries. While these fuel sources make generators cheaper to use, it also makes generators harmful to the environment. With this in mind, solar-powered generators were born!

The markets offer a various range of solar-powered generators at high prices. But, only a few are worth every penny. The Aeiusny brand solar-powered generators belong to that great minority. Come and take a look at its best solar-powered generator line!

Top Solar-Powered Generator

Aeiusny 42000mAh Portable Generator

Aeiusny 42000mAh Portable Generator

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You will never be disappointed with the Aeiusny Portable Generator in your home. With its great performance and environmental-friendly features, you will never search for another generator ever again.

The Aeiusny Portable Generator is a 42000mAh-capacity generator. Its lithium batteries are light as they weigh only 3.3 lbs! These batteries reach full load after nine hours and can be stored at any place. Because of its size, you can easily put these batteries in your car or backpack.

This portable generator can be charged in three ways, one of which is through solar energy. Through its wall adapter, the Aeiusny Portable Generator reaches full capacity after 7 – 8 hours. With its car adapter, it reaches full capacity in 8 – 9 hours. It also becomes fully charged at the same period with the solar panel.

Why is it so amazing to have a solar panel charger? Well, think about it like this. You are on a camping trip with your friends. You have no access to sockets or vehicles or anything. What you only have is your camping gear and the sun. Without a solar panel charger, you will be stuck with a powerless portable generator in your whole journey.

With a powerless portable generator, however, you will never worry about your generator running out. Simply set your compatible solar panel charger and direct it towards the sun. By the time your generator is fully charged, you have enough power for your electrical camping equipment.

Other than its solar power feature, this portable generator has amazing features that you will love! For example, it has a built-in ultra-powerful LED flashlight for your convenience! To operate, simply push the on/off button to get started. You can also see the power status of your flashlight with its AC status.

Another great feature is its one-year warranty. The warranty includes improvement of battery, protection against short circuits, prevention of over-currents, and others. In addition, this generator has a lifetime of 500 cycles. You will have to wear this generator down before you get to use its warranty!

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Lighting up Your World

You will never search for another portable generator once you have tried the Aeiusny Portable Generator in your home. Other than the inclusion of a LED flashlight and one-year warranty, this generator is considered environmentally friendly. This is because of its capacity to be charged using solar energy.

So, the next time you are searching for a portable generator, choose Aeiusny. The Aeiusny brand has one of the best solar-powered generators on the market!