Best Generator for Camping

Choosing the Best Out of the Top Generator for Camping 

When you think about camping, you might immediately imagine going to a remote area. And truth be told: remote areas are ideal for camping. Most campsites are very far from the city. No doubt, electricity would be a distant dream to achieve!

Modern technologies have developed in such a way that electricity can be accessed even if you are at nowhere with top portable camping generators.Once there were traditional generators that were heavy and noisy and only experts could operate them for having complicated setup.

But now, technologies have developed portable generators that can be brought even for camping. A generator works by converting mechanical energy into electricity. This is the same case for camping generators too. The only difference is that camping generators are small, portable, and a lot quieter than the conventional generators.

There’s a lot to learn about camping generators. We hope to help you choose the best one out of the top camping generators of 2019.

Uses of a Best Camping Generator

A camping generator is a portable machine used for supplying electricity. You can use this electricity for various appliances by bringing it to your camping site. It is also a source of power for gadgets and devices, such as phones or laptops.

For people who don’t want to go through the difficulty of starting a fire for cooking, this is a blessing. You only need to bring your electric cooking stove, and everything will be set.

Other than these essential uses, you can use the generator to have adequate lighting on the camping ground. When with a large group, you need light to keep track of everyone. Having portable light bulbs may be better than just flashlights.

The Uniqueness of a Camping Generator

There is something different about the camping generator compared to the other portable electric suppliers. For one, a generator’s capability has been tested through the years. If large companies trust it, you sure need to trust it too, right?

Other than the practicality it brings, camping generators just have unique features that make it stand out:

A camping generator is portable, so you can bring it anywhere you go.

  • A camping generator is quiet, or at least quieter than the typical generator. It will be a problem to have a loud generator during camping. A quiet generator ensures that your fellow campers will have a good night’s sleep.
  • A camping generator is fuel efficient. You don’t have to worry about easily running out of fuel. All you need to worry about is what delicious food you can bring to the camp.

Buying Guide for Top Camping Generator

The indispensable part of buying a good camping generator is checking and ensuring the quality of the generator. Examining the features of the generator is quite easy when you know the basics.

  • Quality

First, it is important to know what main quality of a camping generator you need to immediately check. To pick a high-performing generator, remember these three things:

  • Portability is all about the quietness of the generator, and how often you will use it. Since you’re using it for camping, i.e. a recreational activity, choose the ones with inverter alternators.
  • Standby is the first thing to check if you want to know how long the generator can last. Usually, camping only takes 2-3 days so you can buy the smaller ones. They provide around 2kW-4kW power range.
  • RV generator is often recognized as the generator that works best for recreational activities. Ask or look for it when you’re shopping for a generator.

Camping Generator Terms to Know

A machine like a camping generator is a complicated technology that comes with unfamiliar terms. We prepared a list of terms and their basic definitions for you. This way, you won’t feel intimidated when you hear them for the first time.

    • Engine refers to the component of a camping generator that converts the mechanical energy to electricity. It is the part that’s being ‘fed’ with fuel for it to work. The common types of fuels used are diesel, gas, or
    • Alternator/Invert Alternator is the component of a camping generator that produces the electricity. After the engine converts the electricity, the alternator transfers the electricity to the appliances.
    • Cast Iron Sleeve (CIS) is the lining of the cylinder of the engine that keeps it durable. This part reduces any wear and tear that might happen to the engine.
    • Overhead Valve Engines is that part that can either be added or not to the engine. Having an overhead valve bring great effect. Some of its advantages are the low emission of smoke and low noise during operation
  • Voltage Regulator refers to the part of a camping generator that regulates the voltage output. It converts the current from one to the other (e.g. AC current to DC current, and vice versa).

Best Generators for Camping Reviews

It’s now time to get to know some of the best generators for camping for sale. Now that you know the basic features and information about it, deciding should be easy for you. We picked out the top camping generators for 2019 for your convenience.

These camping generators are very popular among campers because of their overall good quality. They have features that no other brands can copy and compare. Their reliability and durability are one for the ages.

But the most important thing is that these generators satisfied a lot of customers. We guarantee you that we picked only the best, and we have generators for small and medium. All you need to do is carefully consider your choices and your preference!

Top Small Camping Generator (<=2 kW)

A size of a generator is not really about its physical dimensions. Instead, it is about the amount of wattage it can provide. To know which size of generator you’re going to need, you need to consider which appliances you’ll bring first.

Now, a small camping generator can provide for less than or equal to 2kW (2000 watts). During camp, you’ll most likely use it only for electric stove, lights, gadget charging, and maybe a small electric fan. Hence, you can limit it to this size or amount of power.


The small camping generator has powerful features that provide ease and convenience for your camping adventure. These are the features that you should check out:

  • It should have at most 2kW power inverter to provide guaranteed power and electricity
  • The inverter’s capability can be tested through the noise that the camping generator produces. It should produce less to no noise at all
  • Small camp generators consume less fuel, yet they provide so much power.

What to Look For

Apart from these features, here are a few more things you should look for in a small good camping generator:

    • It should be lightweight and weigh only between 44 pounds to 48 pounds
    • It must be portable so that you can bring it anywhere, even to the mountains
  • It must be easy to clean and maintain to avoid repair expenses


  • They are upgradeable, which means that you can add another generator on top of it. You just need to attach cables to double the output and power
  • Even with as low as 800 watts of remaining power, they can still power a small fan or an electric heater blanket
  • They are easy to carry because of their weight, and should not be a burden to bring to rough places


  • The power wattage is relatively small and may not be enough for a large group of campers
  • When it is overworked and used excessively, it may only last for 2-3 hours
  • It is not made for long days in the campsite, and not recommended for heavy-duty activities

Our Pick

For the best small camping generators of 2019, these are our top picks:

Suaoki Portable Power Station 150Wh Quiet Gas Free Solar Generator

Suaoki Portable Power Station - generator for campingThere are so many things to love about this camping generator from Suaoki. It is a solar generator that gains back its power through batteries and solar panels. This means that you don’t even have to worry about fuel because there’s a natural source of energy.

The Suaoki can peak at 150wH power, which allows it to charge laptops and phones. It is also applicable to small home appliances such as an electric fan or a small oven toaster. If you’re experiencing sleep apnea, it can power a CPAP machine.

Finally, the Suaoki Portable Power is hailed as a powerful emergency tool. Through its battery management system, you can control its voltage and temperature to avoid loss of power. It also has safety operations to avoid accidents.

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EasyFocus 500W 288WH Backup Portable Generator

EasyFocus Portable Generator The black and yellow EasyFocus Portable Generator may just be the camping generator you’re looking for. It is rechargeable and can provide up to 500W. It is also solar-powered, which make it great for a sunny campsite.

It is very easy to use, especially with a handle that you can grip to carry it anywhere. Other than solar and battery recharging, you can also attach it to a car to charge. Even better, it has protection for instances of overload or short circuit.

Your camping experience is guaranteed safe, especially for kids and young adult. As long as there’s control in use, you’re good to go.

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PowerPro 56101, 900 Running Watts/1000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

PowerPro Gas Powered Portable Generator for CampingFor another powerful small camping generator, the gas-powered PowerPro 56101 is the one for you. It runs on 900 watts and starts at 1000 watts. It weighs more or less 36 pounds thus it is easy to carry anywhere.

This generator also comes with a carrying handle that is equipped with four rubber pads. The rubber pads prevent blistering on your hands should you have to carry it for a long-distance hike.

A good mix of oil and gas should power it and let it run for at least 5 hours. This is a great generator that you can rely on during camps in faraway places.

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Top Medium Camping Generator (2 kW < x <= 4 kW)

The medium camping generator is not bigger in physical size than the small camping generator. Once again, the size is all about the power that these generators provide. For a medium camping generator, 2kW (2000 watts) to 4kW (4000 watts) are given.

With more power and capability, this size of the generator can provide electricity to more appliances and devices. You just need to find the perfect brand and type for you.


The features of a medium camping generator are not too different from a small camping generator. Thus, what is highlighted here are some of its unique features that the small one doesn’t have:

  • It can provide power up to 4kW (4000 watts), which is twice the amount of power that a small camping generator can give
  • Most of the medium camping generator have a noise block sound reduction that minimizes the noise it produces
  • While most of them need fuel for power, they use propane which is more environment-friendly

What to Look For

Once you choose to buy a medium camping generator, you should look out for and remember these:

  • Make sure that the power indicated in the label is between 2kW to 4kW. If possible, choose the one that has the maximum 4kW
  • Choose the ones that use propane to contribute to environmental causes, and to avoid health problems

Check whether the generator is good for electronic devices such as laptops because there are a few that are sensitive to them.


  • It has great fuel efficiency, which makes the generator last up to 20.5 hours
  • If the generator can run for almost a day, then it is useful for long camping days if used economically
  • The fuel it needs is available everywhere and safe to transport to various places. It will not be difficult to carry extra fuel during camp.


  • It is not as flexible as most small camping generators in terms of power because it needs fuel all the time
  • Sometimes, it might not be compatible with the microprocessors of a laptop and other devices. It might be difficult to charge them using these generators.
  • While they are not too big and heavy, they still carry an extra weight. This is largely due to the amount of power they need to provide.

DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroStar Gas Powered Portable Generator for campingOne of the popular medium camping generators is the black and yellow DuroStar DS4000S. It is a gas-powered portable generator that can provide up to 3300 watts, and an 8-hour run time.

This generator has a power panel. It has an oil warning light, voltmeter, circuit breaker, and power outlets. You only need around 4 gallons of gas for it to complete 8 hours.

Finally, the DuroStar has a heavy-duty steel frame. Its four-point motor helps it operate smoothly and quietly to avoid disturbing the campers.

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Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Honda Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator for campingThe Honda EU2200i is a very powerful model which can operate a variety of appliances. This is deemed ideal generator for home use, job site, and importantly, for camping.

This generator features an Eco-Throttle System thus it has great fuel efficiency. On a single tank of fuel, it can run from four to nine hours so it is perfect for long camping days.

Honda boasts of its inverter technology. It is a stable and clean source of power that is very reliable and eco-friendly.

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Yamaha EF3000iSE, 2800 Running Watts/3000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Yamaha Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter - generator for campingAs far as medium camping generators go, Yamaha is one of those brands that offer great quality. With the Yamaha EF3000iSE, you can achieve 2800-3000 watts to power your appliances.

It is a gas-powered portable inverter, with a Pulse Wave Modulation that helps produce cleaner air. Its Noise Block Acoustically feature reduces any noise that comes out when the generator is in use.

Perhaps the best feature of this generator is that it can run up to 20.5 hours continuously. You don’t even have to refuel it because it is that efficient in terms of gas consumption.

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Top Large Camping Generator (> 4 kW)

For an absolutely powerful generator, the large camping generator is your best option. This generator provides at 4000 watts and more power. It is especially great for a camping trip that has large groups of people.

Having a camping generator this large means you can power several tents. A large camping generator can power so many appliances. Going away from your home won’t be such a hassle, after all.


Large camping generators are evidently more advanced than small or medium generators. They provide more power hence they have more features:

  • A large camping generator has a power and hour meter to keep track of the power usage during certain run-time
  • It can run any appliances or tool that has 120 to 240 voltages and still remain as quiet as possible
  • It has various outlets, such as 120V AC, 120V twist lock, 240V twist lock, and more

What to Look For

Once you choose to buy a large camping generator, you should look out for and remember these:

  • The power should be at least 4000w (4 kW) because anything less than this makes it a small or medium generator
  • Be prepared for the weight of the generator because it will definitely be heavier than the other types of generator
  • Closely check for any defect to avoid having to go back to the supplier all the time


  • A generator this large can power various appliances, as well as heavy-duty tools for camping and others
  • It is a very useful engine for large groups of campers, especially during boot camps that have a lot of activities
  • It provides efficiency and convenience due to its many features, such as the various outlet types built in it


  • It might be too heavy to carry if your camping site is in a steep place that cannot be accessed by a vehicle
  • The generator might need large amounts of fuel reserves if you are planning long days of camping
  • Since it is large, it might be noisier than the smaller-sized generators so there’s a chance of disturbing one’s sleep

Best Gas Powered Camping Inverter Generator:

Yamaha EF6300iSDE, 5500 Running Watts/6300 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Yamaha Gas Powered Portable InverterYamaha is a reliable brand for anything that’s related to motor and engine. True to its reputation, its Gas-Powered generator is a must-have. The Yamaha generator is not just powerful; it also comes with high-quality features.

It has a Pure Sine Wave Inverter System which can power electronic tools, appliances, and more. The Smart Throttle of the engine automatically adjusts the machine’s speed to match power demand and fuel consumption.

The Yamaha Gas-Powered Generator also comes with a remote control that can start and stop the generator. This is a good demonstration of innovation. Certainly, it’s a generator you would want for your camping adventure.

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Sportsman GEN7000LP, 6000 Running Watts/7000 Starting Watts, Propane Powered Portable Generator

Sportsman Propane Powered Portable Generator for campingThe Sportsman Portable Generator is a stylish machine that is powered by propane. It can even reach up to 6000 running watts. With about 50% load, this generator can run for 12 hours.

Since the generator is powered by propane, it is built to be fuel efficient to last for long hours. In fact, it has an automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to control its electricity output. It is also EPA approved, which means it does not release hazardous waste.

This camping generator is safe for children and adults alike. It has circuit protection and a detailed start/off setup. As a bonus, this generator is also useful for your own home in case of a blackout.

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A Generator-Powered Camp

Camping does not have to be difficult when you have the right devices and machinery to bring with you. When you are planning for lengthy adventure, a camping generator is a reliable power provider.

The top camping generators have proved worthy of your attention and money. Their features are products of careful research and design. These are machines that can improve your life in more ways than you can imagine.

For a successful and comfortable camping adventure, you should consider investing in the best generator for camping now.