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Get Your Industrial Power from Cummins Onan

Are you looking for the best generator brand with excellent industrial power? Look no further, Cummins Onan might be the one you’re looking for.

Bigger homes, offices and industrial purposes call for a bigger generator. However, bigger and more powerful just won’t cut it. It also has to be safe and of top quality. This is where Cummins Onan comes in.

Cummins Onan is a brand that specializes in huge, industrial-sized generators. From home standby generators to small business standby and commercial mobile generators, they’ve got it covered.

But aside from this company image Cummins Onan is presenting, they are actually among the best generator brands due to quality. Here’s a more detailed view of what Cummins Onan has to offer.

Your Safety and Industrial Power Needs

Cummins Onan has five different power categories. However, despite these few five categories, there are actually a wide array of models and products under each for you to choose from.

And what makes Cummins Onan even more impressive is the sheer power and capacity each of their generators has. Most if not all Cummins Onan generators are able to function even at full load and extreme environmental conditions.

Moreover, all this power and capacity, combined with a smooth and quiet operation makes Cummins Onan a really outstanding brand. Truly, a generator does not have to be loud and bothersome to be powerful and reliable.

The Best Propane Powered RV Cummins Onan Generator

Cummins Onan (5.5HGJAB-1119) LP Generator

Cummins Onan LP GeneratorFor this category, we chose Cummins Onan LP Generator. Since your RV is like your second home when outdoors, you need a good generator to serve as backup. This model is very quiet in operation despite its power.

It has a fully integrated design, making for a really well-made generator. The enclosed muffler and low vibration levels make it a really quiet unit. But the best part is, it is equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities for a simpler troubleshooting.

In addition, safety is not compromised as well with its digital voltage regulation. Thus, it can deliver a more stable and clean power for your sensitive appliances.

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The Best Cummins Onan Standby Generator 

Cummins RS20A 20kW NG/LP Standby Generator

Cummins Standby GeneratorLast but not the least, we have the Cummins Onan RS20A Standby Generator. No need to worry about entrusting your home to this model. It is equipped to withstand even the coldest weather.

Directly connected to a fuel system, this model automatically activates when a power outage is detected. Then, when the power goes back, RS20A automatically shuts down as well. It’s a very safe and fuss-free generator to have.

But most importantly, it is known for its ultra-quiet operation and low carbon emission. Cummins Onan is the proof that you can have both a powerful, quiet and environmental friendly generator.

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