Find the Best Powermate Generator for You


Powermate is among the best generator brands for its power, durability, and reliability. For over 40 years now, Powermate has been delivering quality portable and stationary generators. However, Powermate is more than just generators. The brand also produces different equipment such as water pumps, air compressors, and other related equipment.

With Powermate, each generator is only made with the best materials and the most thorough quality inspections. This is to ensure that each Powermate generator meets your needs and the power requirements.

Today, we will be talking about the best of Powermate generators. Here are a few things you need to know about this brand.

What Makes Powermate Generators Different?

Powermate offers more than 30 different generator models to choose from. Manual start, electric start, inverter or gas-powered generators, you’re most likely to find all types.

But aside from the variety, what makes Powermate different from other generator brands is the durability of each model. Whatever model you choose, you’re sure to get a generator that’s meant to withstand wear and tear.

The design and materials used for each generator part and enclosure all make for a very sturdy unit. Powermate engines come from outstanding companies in the field as well, such as Honda and Subaru among all others.

From the engine to the handle and wheels, Powermate does not disappoint.

The Best Powerful Powermate Generator

Powermate PM0601258 Portable Generator with Electric Start

Powermate Portable Generator with Electric StartFor the best powerful category, Powermate’s PM0601258 Portable Generator with Electric Start made it to our list. This model is equipped with a 22HP Subaru Electric Start V-Twin OHV gas engine.

This, along with its 8-gallon fuel tank capacity makes it a powerful and reliable portable generator. It has a total of 6 hours runtime at half load (50%). Buying this model would include (2) 1-quart bottles of oil and a 12V 34AH battery.

But the best part is, Powermate will ensure your satisfaction even after purchase. All products are backed by the best warranty coverage. And should you need any services, Powermate has a wide range of network ready to help you with any issues.

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The Best Dual Fuel Portable Generator from Powermate

Powermate DF7500E (49ST/CSA) – 6958 Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Powermate Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorPowermate’s DF7500E Dual Fuel Portable Generator is among the latest generator models from the brand. What makes this model unique is that it features a fuel selector dial. This dial allows the user to switch between gasoline and liquid propane gas for fuel.

This is a very versatile additional feature which can help you save fuel costs as you can choose which fuel type works best for you and your budget. But aside from this, DF7500E is equipped with more wonderful features such as the digital multimeter tracks among others.

Do note, however, the runtime for this model may vary depending on the type of fuel you use or the engine load.

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