Best RV Generator – 2019

The best rv generator is always an asset to people who travel a lot.  Various types of RV generators are available on the market. They come with different features too. However, there are a few basic features that we should take into consideration while buying the best portable generator for RV use.

Wattage, fuel type, noise emissions, and portability are among these. Of course, there are other miscellaneous features that categorize the best RV generators.

How to Choose the Best RV Generators

Having mentioned the four basic features of an RV generator, here’s how to choose the right ones for you.


The first thing you must consider before buying a top RV generator is the starting wattage of your RV’s air conditioner. It is because the air conditioner needs the highest wattage to work when compared to other appliances. Therefore, the minimum wattage of the generator you buy should at least be equal to the starting wattage of your air conditioner.

Then, you should take into consideration the wattage of all your other appliances.

Fuel Type

There are three types of fuels you can choose from gasoline, diesel, and liquefied propane. LP is the most environment-friendly. But, it can’t be stored in conventional containers.

Diesel is the best in clean burning and energy emission but has a short shelf life. Gasoline is the most popular because of its affordability.

Noise Emission

If you’re very particular about the noise that a generator might cause, choose top RV generator that emit 52 to 59 decibels noise only. The conventional RV generator, however, is around 69 to 80 decibels.


Checking for portability is easy. The larger the RV generator is, the more it weighs. If you constantly have to move your generator in and out of the RV, you should opt to buy one that includes a wheel kit.

Top Three Best Electronic Generators for RV: Our Pick 

#1 Top Diesel-Powered RV Generator

Features to Look For

In general, diesel-powered generators are very popular. This is because they are known as the best value for money RV generators. Diesel is known to be denser than standard gas.

Therefore, in comparison, you can get more use out of diesel for the same amount of fuel. If you own a diesel-powered RV, you should either look for a diesel or LP generator.

Diesel generators have the power to provide reliable energy–meeting both stationary and mobile power needs. Diesel is also known as a clean energy alternative.


  • 14% better fuel efficiency than gasoline
  • Long lifespan– diesel RV generators peak at low speeds
  • Low maintenance– diesel RV generators are made with thick steel materials
  • Less flammable– rated with a 2/4 on the National Fire Protection Agency chart
  • Convenient– widely available and easy to obtain


  • Will only last for an average of one and a half years
  • More noise emission– this is due to the diesel RV generator’s powerful compression
  • Expensive to repair– diesel mechanics are more expensive

Our Verdict

Onan Quiet Diesel Generator – 8000 Watt – (RV Qd 8000) – 8.0HDKAK-1046

Onan Quiet Diesel RV GeneratorComing in as the best diesel RV generator in 2019 is the Onan Quiet Diesel Generator – 8000 Watt – (RV Qd 8000) – 8.0HDKAK-1046. This particular generator has the power to run two 13500 BTU air conditioners and still has power for small appliances.

It has digital voltage regulation that provides consistency in its power. It is also one of the quietest diesel RV generators– it only operates at 60 dB. Furthermore, it contains an intake silencer and sound-controlling muffler, making it ideal even for small RVs.

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#2 Top Gasoline Powered RV Generator

Features to Look For

The best asset gasoline powered RV generators can boast of is its availability. Gasoline is not only cheap; it can also be found anywhere. You won’t have problems with refills, and you can even have reserve fuel around.

Generally, gasoline RV generators are designed so you can get continuous firing and exhaust. This will then trigger the crankshaft to create combustion.


  • Availability– there are gas stations at almost every corner which means that you will be able to refuel anywhere
  • Easy packaging– if you already own a gas can, you can take as much gas as you want with you
  • Variety– portable gasoline generators have become so popular that there are of newly released in the market
  • Cheaper repair–in comparison to diesel, a gas engine mechanic will charge less


  • It would be dangerous to store gasoline in large quantities
  • Reliability– you will have to rely on the power of gas stations around you
  • Low shelf life– gasoline can’t be stored for longer than one year
  • Highly flammable– it is rated ¾ on the National Fire Protection Agency chart

Our Verdict:

Cummins Onan 2.8HGJBB-1130 RV QG 2800 Watt Gasoline Generator

Cummins Onan 2.8HGJBB Gasoline RV GeneratorThe best gasoline RV generator in 2019 is the Cummins Onan 2.8HGJBB-1130 RV QG 2800 Watt Gasoline Generator, and one of the safest too. It is completely enclosed with muffler, with a 3-year warranty.

It is also reviewed as the quietest diesel generator. Another salient feature of this good RV generator is that it is easy to maintain with its complete diagnostic microprocessor control.

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#3 Top Propane Powered RV Generator

Features to Look For

People who are worried and concerned about the side effects and harm that a generator might cause to nature and environment have the best propane powered RV generator as their first preference. Liquid propane is environment-friendly with clean emissions. This implies that LP produces less airborne particulates and greenhouse gas. 


  • Environment-friendly– it is a clean-burning fuel that does not emit the gas that will harm the environment
  • Easily available– you can also purchase Propane tanks from gas stations
  • Its infinite shelf life is another advantage.


  • Most flammable– among the other fuel types, liquid propane is the highest rated fuel with 4/4 on the National Fire Protection Agency chart
  • Low portability–unlike diesel and gasoline, propane can’t be in onboard fuel tanks
  • Expensive– buying fuel requires different gears
  • Less fuel-efficient– needs at least 20% more fuel to produce the same energy as gasoline and/or diesel

Our Verdict:

Cummins Onan (5.5HGJAB-1119) LP Generator

Cummins Onan (5.5HGJAB-1119) LP Generator Best RV GeneratorsThe award for the best propane RV generator in 2019 goes to Cummins Onan (5.5HGJAB-1119) LP Generator. This is one of the best RV generators that can power up to two 13,500 BTU air conditioners at the least.

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