DuroStar DS7200Q Portable Generator Review

Product Name: DuroStar DS7200Q 6,000 Watt Diesel Powered Fully Enclosed Portable Generator with Wireless Remote & Electric Start

Brand Name: DuroStar

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DuroStar DS7200Q Portable Generator – Overview

Are you tired of lighting up candles? Are you stressed during storms or power outages? No need to go through so much hassle during emergencies when you can prepare ahead of time. For unpredictable and inevitable situations like these, the best thing you can do is to invest in the essential items.

A generator is a good investment for future emergencies such as the ones mentioned above. They help keep power running in your home. However, if you have a bigger home or office, a portable generator might be enough as backup power.DuroStar DS7200Q Portable Generator

For this category, we’ve rounded up some of the best portable DuroStar generators out there. We recommend DuroStar DS7200Q Diesel Powered Fully Enclosed Portable Generator. DuroStar is generally a good generator brand.

From portable ones to big capacity generators, DuroStar has an array of products for you to choose from. Surely you will be able to find one that suits your needs best. Today, we will be talking more about the DS7200Q.


When it comes to the best and most reliable generator, a couple of ultra-advanced features aren’t really the most necessary factor. However, if you do find a generator has advanced yet highly functional features, then that would be ideal as well.

Good things DuroStar is equipped with essential features that are advanced and reliable. First would be its low oil shut off feature. This feature is almost a staple in every reliable generator. It keeps your engine from incurring damage caused by low oil pressure.

Second, it features a wireless remote and electric start. You have three options for the startup: the conventional recoil start, wireless remote start and an easy electric start. This makes it easier for even a first-time user to operate this generator model.

Third, you get an automatic voltage regulator and a maintenance free alternator. This makes it possible for the generator to produce safe and stable power output. Even for sensitive devices and appliances!

Most importantly, you also get a highly strategic and convenient power panel. This power panel houses the main controls, start switch, voltmeter, and the circuit breaker. However, these are just some of the features of DuroStar.

We assure you that it has a lot more in store for you.

Power and Performance

This diesel-powered generator is pretty competitive power and performance wise. It produces a total of 5500 running watts and 6000 starting watts. It has a 3.83-gallon fuel tank capacity and a total of 12 hours runtime at half load (50%).

As for the engine power itself, it is equipped with 186F, four-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled engine. Its own air-cooling system keeps the generator from overheating, thus, making for an optimal performance during emergencies.

Reliability and Durability

DuroStar DS7200Q Portable Generator is highly reliable and very durable, from the engine to enclosure. It is equipped with an easily readable gauge and a super quiet muffler. The enclosed frame and super quiet muffler work to provide a very quiet operation.

The two offer vibration isolation mounted between the engine/alternator feet and base frame. This considerably lessens vibrations and noise production and thereby increasing durability.

The exhaust with built-in spark arrestor, on the other hand, keeps electric shock, ignition and/or sparks in check while effectively eliminating exhaust. Finally, it comes with a sturdy and reliable wheel kit for added portability.

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To Sum Up

All in all, you get a really good deal with DuroStar DS7200Q Portable Generator. The model easily proves that reliability and durability can work hand in hand with convenience and quiet operation.

It also gives good value for the money as buying this model would include the generator, a battery for electric starter, the wireless remote start, wheel kit (with built-in tires), toolkit and a user manual.

But most importantly, this generator model is backed by a one-year limited warranty. This serves as a good safety net and money guarantee should you encounter any possible issues or factory defects.

Rest assured that as long as it is within the warranty coverage and period, you have nothing to be worried about.