Generac 6954 Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Product Name: Generac 6954 GP8000E 8,000 Running Watts/10,000 Starting Watts Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator – CSA Compliant

Brand: Generac

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Generac 6954 Gas Powered Portable Generator – Overview

Generac Electrical Start Gas Powered Portable GeneratorGenerac Company is one of the best-selling generator brands. Best portable home emergency generators reviews have always the name Generac at the top. Generac-brand portable generators are known for their durability, efficiency, convenience, and safety. No matter what size, Generac-brand portable generators will deliver more than what is expected.

In Generac’s line of large-sized portable generators, one model stands out the most. Introducing the Generac 6954 Gas Powered Portable Generator! This large-sized portable generator is perfect for any outdoor events, from simple camping trips to emergency blackout situations. Boasting a perfect 5.0-star rating on Amazon, it is arguably the most popular large-sized portable generator of the Generac line!


But, where did this popularity come from? How did this model become so well-loved? If we listed all the reasons, then this article would be too long to read! For your convenience, we have summarized all the benefits into five core features. Come and see them for yourself!


The outdoor portable generators made of durable materials are ideal since they withstand the toughest terrain. While the Generac Company keeps that in mind to all their outdoor portable generators, this company wants to take it up a notch!

The Generac 6954 GP8000E portable generator has two main lines of defense. The first one is it’s hardened 1 – ¼-inch steel cradle. This cradle protects the portable generator from accidents and adds sturdiness to its build. The second one is the splash lubrication to the engine. With this feature, the engine lasts long and stays sharp!


No one talks about Generac portable generators without the word ‘efficient’ in the conversation. Its engine and fuel tank is designed to power several appliances for multiple powerless days!

The Generac 6954 GP8000E has the latest Generic OHV 420cc engine. Combine with its 7.5-gallon fuel tank, this generator can power your home for 12 hours! While this portable generator runs on gasoline, it includes a battery for convenience. Its starting wattage is 10,000 watts, but its running wattage is 8,000 watts. Not bad, right?


Generac 6954 Gas Powered Portable GeneratorThe Generac 6954 GP8000E portable generator has several features that make it extremely convenient. First of all, it is equipped with a low-tone muffler that reduces any possible noise during its operation. This feature makes it extremely convenient for users as the number one complaint in regards to generators is the noise. But with the low-tone muffler, you can rest assured that your generator will never interrupt your sleep.

Second, the Generac 6954 GP8000E portable generator has a compact design that makes portability and storage extremely easy. This generator has an ergonomic fold-down handle for transport. To aid this, it has a set of heavy duty wheels that will never go flat.

Third, the Generac 6954 GP8000E portable generator is easy to use! To start its engine, simply use its single start electric touch system. No need to pull down levers or push several buttons. You will only need one flick of a switch to start this generator.


Accidents are common in portable generators. It is a known fact that portable generators emit toxic gases and are known to have short circuit accidents. But, with Generac portable generators, your safety is their first concern. To ensure a smooth and safe operation, the Generac 6954 GP8000E has two safety mechanisms.

The first safety mechanism is the low oil level shutdown. During low oil levels, this generator will shut down to prevent engine damage and unwanted accidents. On the other hand, the second safety mechanism is the covered, circuit breaker outlets. In the event of accidents, the outlets are guaranteed to be safe and sound thanks to this mechanism.

If these are not impressive enough for you, then take note that the Generac 6954 GP8000E is CSA-compliant. This means that the Generac 6954 GP8000E has passed all the rigorous safety tests and standards.


The Generac offers services that do not end even after purchasing their product. Similar to its other models, the Generac 6954 GP8000E portable generator has a two-year limited warranty. There are skilled Generac technicians to fix in case of any maintenance or repairs.

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To Sum Up

You can count on the Generac 6954 GP8000E portable generator for your electrical needs in the outdoors! With its fantastic features, this generator will surely be the last one you will ever buy for you and your family.