Generac 7037 Guardian Series Home Standby Generator Review

Product Name: Generac 7037 Guardian Series 16kW/16kW Air Cooled Home Standby Generator
Generac Air Cooled Standby Generator

Brand Name: Generac

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Generac 7037 Guardian Series Home Standby Generator – Overview

Generac has been and still deemed #1 selling home standby generator brand. No other brands could surpass the popularity of Generac brand for manufacturing best quality products. Generac Home standby generators are reliable and affordable.

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With the model 7037 from Generac, we not only get one of the most reliable generator, but the quietest and value for money generator too. This generator is perfect for home backup power and it senses power loss. It can be easily connected to LP or natural gas fuel supply.


For the best rated home standby generators category, we’ve chosen Generac 7037 Guardian Series Air Cooled Standby Generator. It has a maximum power output of 16 kW and is propane-powered, weighing a total of 458 lbs (pounds).However, the recommended size of propane tank is a 250-gallon tank.

Generac’s 7037 model from the Guardian Series is a home standby generator with an air cooling feature. The said feature helps keep the generator from overheating. The Guardian Series from Generac is popular for having reliable home backup generators.

The model has an Automatic Transfer Switch available. However, it is sold separately. Other features such as the Mobile Link cellular monitoring system is also available for the 7037.

The Mobile Link Cellular monitoring system lets the user monitor generator status, even when away from home. Be it a tablet, personal computer or mobile phone, you can sync this generator with most if not all devices, from anywhere around the world.

You can even monitor and manage your maintenance schedule. Simply connect your account to an authorized service dealer for a faster and easier process. However, this connection process is sold separately.

It also has LED indicators to boot. The multilingual LCD display is sure to give you a smooth time operating and monitoring the generator, no matter even if you are a beginner.

Finally, thanks to its True Power technology, you get a power output with less than 5% THD (total harmonic distortion). Meaning, this generator is very safe to use, even for sensitive devices.

Convenience and Durability

You also get installation friendly parts such as a base pad and removable door panels for minimal installations costs and preparation efforts. The sturdy all-weather aluminum enclosure on the other hand, has three removable sides for easier installation.

In addition to this, the entire enclosure has a RhinoCoat powder-coated finish. This is what helps keep the enclosure corrosion-resistant and ideal for almost all weather conditions.

And when it comes to engine durability, the Generac G-force engine is purpose-built and pressure-lubricated to withstand all the rigors of generator operation.

After-Purchase Care/SatisfactionGenerac Air Cooled Standby Generator 2

Though, Generac home standby generators are most reliable, they also provide a five-year warranty, ensuring the satisfaction of the customers.

So, in case you encounter any problems or issues, as long as it is within the five-year limited warranty, you don’t have to worry.

Noise Production

Best standby generators are quieter and they produce lesser noise when compared to the conventional generators. This model has passed the Quiet-Test and Self-test Mode. The results show that the engine runs at a lower RPM for a five or twelve-minute test.

Generac 7037 is significantly quieter than other competing brands out there. What’s even more impressive is its economy. You not only get a smooth and quiet operation, but also an engine that consumes less fuel.

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To Conclude

All in all, Generac 7037 proves to be both a very reliable, convenient and sturdy generator that’s ideal even for wear and tear. And it is also an ideal home standby generator.

However, do keep in mind that Generac 7037 does not include a battery when bought. The Generac battery model 5819 which is compatible to this generator model is actually sold separately.