Generac 7040 Home Standby Generator Review

Product Name: Generac 7040 Synergy 20kW/18kW Variable Speed Air Cooled Home Standby Generator

Brand: Generac

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Generac 7040 Home Standby Generator – Overview

Tired of the same, old standby generator models? Are you looking for a new and improved model that does the same job twice more efficient? Luckily, Generac has just that model! Years of service has made the Generac Company an innovator in the field of power-producing equipment. For this reason, they are able to manufacture an ingenious product like the Generac 7040 Speed Air Cooled Home Standby Generator.

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So, what exactly is the Generac 7040 Speed Air Cooled Home Standby Generator?  Well, it is known as one of the best standby generators for home on the market! From durability to warranty and support, the Generac 7040 Home Standby Generator is certainly two steps higher from its competitors. Take a look at its amazing high-tech features!


At first glance, it seems like this product does not live up to the Generac-brand of durability. But you’d be quite wrong! In actuality, this model takes durability to a whole new level. Unlike its competitors, this product is protected both on the inside and outside.

This best-rated home standby generator is made of durable aluminum steel that’s designed for long-lasting use. But, thanks to the RhinoCoat powder finish, this product is entirely corrosion-resistant! With this feature, you can use it at scorching days or rainy nights.

Other than that, this product’s engine is protected from overuse. Due to its pressure-lubrication feature, its engine is quite capable of long, rigorous use. It also doesn’t require much maintenance, unlike its other competitors.


With a newer model comes a newer engine. The Generac 7040 Speed Air Cooled Home Standby Generator has a new engine with twice the power. Known as the G-force engine, this engine can produce 18,000 to 20,000 watts of emergency power. This amount of electricity is enough to charge essential appliances, miscellaneous devices, and probably one whole room!


Other generators on the market are operated through a complex system of levers and pulleys. For many users, this system is too complicated and takes away the fun of standby generators. But, the Generac 7040 Home Standby Generator is quite different. It is operated by a 200-amp, NEMA 3 smart transfer switch. With a flick of a switch, this generator can provide enough power for a whole house protection.

If you are worried that this product will keep you up at night, then worry no further! This ideal standby generator for home is considered as one of the quietest generators on the market. It utilizes a special G-flex technology that reduces noise levels and fuel consumption during operation. Moreover, it has a Quiet-Test Self-test mode that further reduces its noise levels.


As a newer model, this best standby generator utilizes up-to-date technology. For example, it has a Mobile Link Remote Monitoring system that makes your generator maintenance so much easier! With this system, you can access information about your generator’s condition and maintenance status in the comfort of your mobile devices.

Its G-Force engine also uses a new technology. With its new and patented G-Flex technology, your standby generator can easily adjust its speed operation based on your home’s needs. No more manual speed and voltage adjustments; your generator can do that for you!

Warranty and Support

This top-rated standby generator is backed with an incredible warranty and support system. For the convenience of their consumers, Generac has included five-year warranties for each and every standby generator of their company. As a result, this product automatically includes a reliable five-year warranty for your maintenance and repair needs.

Other than that, your purchase is supported by a dependable customer support team. If you have inquiries or troubles with your product, you can always count on them for answers. They are on standby all day, every day, so feel free to contact them at any time!

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To Sum Up

Rated 4.6 stars on the Generac website, the Generac 7040 Speed Air Cooled Home Standby Generator is truly an amazing product. From features to the value of price, this product is given an average score of 4.5 out of 5! So, for standby generators, choose the Generac 7040 Standby Generator. It can be found on the brand’s website or online retail stores like Amazon.