Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator Review

Product Name: Honda EU2000I Portable Generator

Brand Name: HondaHonda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator

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Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator – Overview

The Honda generators have been around for only nearly two decades. While this is shorter compared to its competitors, the brand is one of the most reliable. As such, Honda has a line of the best gasoline generators in the world. Top Honda generators are most popular among the mass.

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Honda has various generator product lines, but the focus today is its EU series. The Honda EU2000I Portable Generator, in particular, has been creating a buzz. The EU series is known for being the preferred generator for home back-ups.


Home back-ups require immediate action to give power, and quietness to avoid disturbance. Luckily, the Honda EU2000I has all of these features. We prepared a list of its best features you can check out below.


As a home backup power, the Honda EU2000I is designed to respond well to a transfer switch. This transfer switch enables the generator to quickly power home appliances the moment the power goes out.

Moreover, this generator can power up all appliances, as long as they are well within the capacity. Since it has an inverter technology, this best-rated gasoline generator is safe to use with sensitive electronic devices. It also provides a stable supply of electricity all throughout.

With 1 gallon of gasoline, this generator can run up to 9.6 hours at half load. As long as you keep extra gallons of gas, you wouldn’t worry for an entire day. Besides, the generator informs you if it’s running low on gas.


Because it is powerful, the Honda EU2000I is a dependable and reliable generator. This generator is equipped with the 98.5cc Honda GX100 engine. This engine helps in ensuring that it operates efficiently and easily.

This engine allows the generator to reach a peak power of 2,000 watts and maintain 1,600 watts for operation. Since it is fuel efficient, the generator can also run for four hours at full load.

With this, the Honda EU2000I can run certain appliances such as the microwave, refrigerator, hairdryer, coffee maker, and more. It should also work well for small air-conditioners, especially on hot summer days.

Super Quiet

Nights should be peaceful, and the noise of a generator should not interrupt your sleep. Now, one of the excellent features of the Honda EU2000I generator is its super quiet operation. This is made possible by its efficient engine and design.

During normal operation, this generator only produces up to 53dBA. When used in full capacity, its loudness can go up to 59dBA. Nonetheless, this level of loudness is actually less than a normal conversation.

Not only is this feature beneficial for home use, it is also much needed in a campsite. Some camp activities have various programs where people talk or interact. You don’t want the generator to overpower the conversations.

Reliable Control Panel

In times of emergency, the generator is one of the primary needs. This all boils down the control panel, and the Honda EU2000I happens to have a reliable one. This control panel is easy to use, and even if you’re a new user, you won’t have a problem.

It has an eco-throttle switch feature if you need double power capacity. There are also indicator lamps for alerts and alarms. Lastly, there are rows of outlets to attach your appliances or electronic devices.Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator

Safety Features

This best gasoline-powered generator is equipped with safety features that should protect you and your family. It has an oil alert that informs you if you need to add oil or replace it. If there’s an insufficient oil supply, the engine might get damaged due to overheating.

This generator also has an LED output indicator which indicates the ideal voltage output. Too much voltage, as well as low voltage, can damage your appliances.

It is also CARB and EPA compliant and is even safer to use because it does not emit harmful pollution.

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To Sum Up

There is so much to love about the Honda EU2000I. It is a powerful, dependable, and super quiet generator. This generator boasts so many great features, which is why it is reliable for home use and camping needs.

Even better, it has a lot of safety features that provide protection for the engine and for your family. It does not contribute to pollution, and its quietness guarantees peaceful hours of sleep.