How Long Do Solar Generators Last?

We are in the age that there is even more push to develop new ways we produce our energy. The old method of using fossil fuel is simply not going to cut in anymore. With fluctuating fuel cost becoming more and more unpredictable and the geopolitical complexity of attaining said fuel, many scientists and even head of states are turning to renewable energy to power their nations and states in the future.

Renewable vs. Fossil Fuel

But before we delve deeper into solar generators, how long it can last, and its many benefits let us first see a short comparison versus renewable energy source versus the traditional fossil fuels.

When it comes to the discussion of renewable energy, we are talking about solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass. On the other hand, fossil fuels include natural gas, coal, and oil. Renewable energy comes from natural sources and can be replenished in an average human lifespan. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, may take thousands or even millions of years to replenish.

It’s also important to note that although many narratives expressed might make it seem the argument is black and white; there are some grey areas when it comes to renewable energy versus fossil fuel. For one thing, natural gas is considered by many to be a clean power since it burns a lot more efficiently than coal. Despite this fact, it should be pointed out that natural gas still emits CO2 which many renewable energy advocates point out time and time again.

Biomass, another renewable energy source, also faces the same dilemma. Burning wood is the most common method of biomass energy generation but it can release a lot more CO2 than coal. That being said, wood is still considered as renewable because trees can be grown back and replenished.

The Future for Energy Production

The good news is that renewables are growing and growing strong. More and more countries are making leaps to making sure their country’s energy consumption is more reliant on renewables than on fossil fuels. Take Texas, for example, a state known for its oil and natural gas energy. Wind power has now dominated the state’s energy generation. They produce 3 times more power using wind than any other state and have invested heavily in a state-of-the-art grid that’s better able to support the distribution of wind power across the state.

And finally, the main reason why many are keen on switching to renewable energy is the cost. It can’t be denied that renewable is simply cheaper energy compared to those generated by fossil fuels. For one thing, there’s no need to import the raw material to generate power for renewables. In places where the wind is abundant, the cost of building wind turbines is offset in the long run by the consistent energy production. Solar farms are also used in places that get a lot of sunshine throughout the year. These wind and solar farms are able to generate power without requiring a lot of manpower and they can direct the power they generate straight into the grid, unlike fossil fuels that need to be imported across the world.

Going Green and Compact

Solar Generators

That being said, what can you, as an individual do to help lessen our reliance on fossil fuels. Well, there are different measures you can take. You can cut down on your driving and use public transportation instead. You can convert your car into an electric vehicle. There is also the option of having solar panels installed in your home. Or, better yet, get a solar generator.

What is a solar generator?

To put it simply, a solar generator is a portable generator that incorporates solar panels and a battery pack into a compact system that captures solar energy and turns it into electricity. Solar generators usually fall into different categories such as smart solar box, farm solar panels, and a power station. Many models of this type of generators have a built-in graphical user interface for ease of use.

Solar generators are typically used to provide power to other devices and appliances, or it can be used to supply power grids. It cannot, however, stand on its own as it can’t supply power instantly. It needs a battery pack or a different energy source in combination with a solar generator to produce the needed power.

What is it made of?

As previously stated, solar generators are not comprised of solar panels alone. In most cases, the pack comes with a battery charger, panels, and solar batteries, as well as a charge inverter. The panels are used to soak up the energy of the sun and the power it generates is processed using the battery charger. That energy is stored in batteries for later usage. The inverter is used to convert that stored power into AC current so it can be used by other devices.

How long can a solar generator last?

Solar Generators

It depends on the design. The limiting factor of a solar generator is the square footage of the solar panels and the available battery storage. If you want a portable solar generator, there are models that are quite compact and have enough battery capacity to charge small devices such as laptops and mobile phones. If you want a more robust and long-lasting portable solar generator, it will mean getting one that’s a bit bigger and heavier.

Then there is the question of battery lifespan. This is really where the technology hasn’t caught up yet and even the electric car industry has struggled to address. Battery packs, especially the lithium-ion ones, just don’t last as long. In the case of solar generators, the battery pack they have will eventually degrade and stop holding a charge even if you store it properly. Some models have battery packs that will eventually stop holding a charge after 7 months. Other models have batteries that can’t be replaced the moment they die.

Final Thoughts

But the good news is the industry is hard at work trying to innovate new ways to store power. They are experimenting with different materials that can hold more charge and last longer. With many industries putting pressure to develop a more efficient method of deriving energy from the sun, it wouldn’t be surprising that in a few years’ time we will soon see a portable solar generator capable of lasting indefinitely.