Sportsman GEN4000 Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Product Name: Sportsman GEN4000, 3500 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable GeneratorSportsman GEN4000 Gas Powered Portable Generator

Brand Name: Sportsman

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Sportsman GEN4000 Gas Powered Portable Generator – Overview

The Sportsman brand offers a variety of generator models that are guaranteed to be well-designed. Sportsman ensures that each generator caters to all kinds of need. Though, in most case, their best gas generators are known for home use and camping.

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One of its leading models is the Sportsman GEN4000 Gas-Powered Portable Generator. This generator is rated 4000 watts, and it has four different outlets fit for all kinds of appliances. It is one of the most powerful, portable, and quiet generators today.


To know more about its benefits, we highlighted Sportsman GEN4000’s best features. These features provide the functionality that you can expect from this generator. This list should hold all of the information you need about Sportsman GEN4000.


As mentioned earlier, the Sportsman GEN4000 provides up to 4,000 running watts. This amount of power is good for all kinds of appliances during a power shortage. Moreover, if the generator will be used in a job site, it can power two to three power tools.

The reason behind this power is its 7.0 HP 4-Stroke overhead valve (OHV). The OHV helps generate electricity that the Sportsman GEN4000 can produce. This results in being able to power lights, refrigerators, microwave, and even the television.

Now, with only 3.6 gallons of fuel, the Sportsman GEN4000 can run continuously for 10 hours. Of course, you need to ensure that it is only running on a half-load, or 50%, capacity. This way, you can get more running time in case of prolonged shortages.


True to its product name, the Sportsman GEN4000 has a highly portable design. With a dimension of 23×17.5x 19.5 inches and a weight of 91 pounds, you can bring this anywhere. This is why this generator is preferred for camping and other outdoor trips.

The Sportsman GEN4000 has a compact design. Compared to the other generators, it is on the lightweight side. Moreover, you won’t have problems carrying it because it has an attached handle.

Because of its compact size, the Sportsman GEN4000 can fit into the trunk of your car, and inside your truck. The thing is, despite being smaller; this generator is powerful enough to power big appliances. Thus, it is not a hassle to bring and use it.


Compared to other generators, the Sportsman GEN4000 is one of those that most people won’t find distracting. This generator is not too loud, so you won’t have sleepless nights at all. Being a quiet generator, Sportsman GEN4000 is really optimal.

Its loudness only reaches up to 69 decibels, which is almost only as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Since it has an attached quiet box and exhaust fan, the noise can be toned down to only 50 decibels.

Having a quiet generator is very advantageous because it also protects us from noise pollution. Exposure to too much noise may be a problem later on. Thus, the Sportsman GEN4000 can protect you from the risk of hearing loss.

Safety Features

Aside from health, the Sportsman GEN4000 also provides utmost safety for you and your family. All kinds of machines pose risks thus it is important to take extra precaution. These generators have manuals that you can follow.

But Sportsman GEN4000 does not want to risk anything, so they add safety features. For one, this generator has circuit breakers. To prevent hazards such as overloading, you can push the circuit breaker to reset the generator.

In resetting the generator, your appliances are saved from getting damaged due to too much electricity. This also prevents a possible occurrence of fire.

Reliable Panel Design

For every equipment, there is a control center that helps you monitor everything. With a generator, the control panel contains the things you need. This may include the on/off switch, voltage indicator, outlets, and other instructions.

The control panel of the Sportsman GEN4000 is straightforward and easy to navigate. This helps the operator of generators be more comfortable. It is also ideal for those who are using the generator for the first time.

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To Sum Up

The Sportsman GEN4000 is a generator with great features that provide so many benefits. This generator is produced by one of the most reliable brands of today. Having this generator guarantees that you only have quality with you.