Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Inverter Generator Review

Product Name: Westinghouse iGen2500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator – TrueTimber Kanati Camouflage – 2200 Rated Watts and 2500 Peak Watts – Gas Powered – CARB Compliant

Brand Name: WestinghouseWestinghouse iGen2500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

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Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Inverter Generator – Overview

In terms of long years in the service, the Westinghouse brand is a winner. Since 1886, they have produced some of the best portable generators for the money. Being in the generator industry for so long, they already have a legacy.

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The Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Inverter Generator is one of Westinghouse’s pride. In line with their mission of bringing energy solutions for households, they equipped this generator with the best features. Even better, they are very affordable.


Now, to know more about the Westinghouse iGen2500, check out the feature we have listed. By getting to know these features, you’ll surely find that the Westinghouse is worth all your money. It only provides the utmost convenience for you and your family.


You can’t question the reliability of the Westinghouse iGen2500, especially since it is around for more than a century now. This generator is made of the reliable 4-stroke Westinghouse engine. Essentially, this engine helps the generator provide power.

The engine is able to produce up to 2,500 watts of power. You don’t have to worry during a power shortage at all. Moreover, the Westinghouse iGen2500 is also ideal for camping and backup electricity for a project.

Speaking of home use, this generator definitely works for your home appliances. It may be limited, but this generator can power small refrigerators and lights. During prolonged power outage during calamity, you have Westinghouse iGen2500 to rely on.


Worry no more, because the Westinghouse iGen2500 is made for portability and convenient use. This generator only weighs 48 pounds, so you can definitely carry it by hand. Even a few distances walk while carrying it won’t be much of a burden.

This generator is compact and on the lightweight side. A single adult can carry it anywhere desired, thus it is great for camping. Other outdoor activities can also make use of this, such as a small gathering in a remote place.

What makes this convenient to carry is its durable handle. This handle is already built-in, thus there’s no risk of it suddenly falling off. The Westinghouse iGen2500 is also easy to transport as it can fit inside your car trunk and other vehicles.


A noisy generator can be such a hassle and distraction, especially at home. Not only does this disturb your sleep, it also affects the neighborhood. Luckily, Westinghouse has a series of super quiet generators, and Westinghouse iGen2500 is one of them.

The Westinghouse iGen2500 is ideally operated only at 25% to 50% load. This helps you achieve a continuous run of up to 10 hours. Since the load is lower, the engine is not pushed too hard to work.

The motor vibrations are lowered by a muffler. This maintains the Westinghouse iGen2500 generator’s loudness at the same level as a person’s conversation. Thus, even if you have guests at home, the sound of the generator won’t overpower you.

Safe for Sensitive Electronic Devices

Aside from maintaining a tolerable loudness, the Westinghouse iGen2500 ensures that it is safe for sensitive electronic devices. These electronics may include phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Because they are smaller, they’re sensitive to electric surge.

But since the Westinghouse iGen2500 is an inverter generator, your delicate electronic devices are far from danger. An inverter generator is able to produce stable and high-quality electricity and energy.

Because of the inverter, the electricity has less than 3% total harmonic distortion (THD). What the THD does is to maintain the outlets at the same level as ordinary outlets. Your devices are safe because of this, so there’s no risk of potential damage at all.

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Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Westinghouse iGen2500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator cpGenerators such as the Westinghouse iGen2500 are not just used for home needs and camping. They might also be needed for something drastic such as emergency operations. Imagine if you’re in a rush and the control panel is difficult to understand?

Thus, Westinghouse ensures that its control panel is easy to understand and navigate. True to its reliable nature, you can navigate this panel even if you’re using it for the first time. It contains outlets and control areas to monitor the electricity.

To Sum Up

With so many features on such small equipment, the Westinghouse iGen2500 proves to be the best. It is a portable generator that is surely worth your money. This generator provides benefits that you expect and more than you can ask for.